A recent project of mine featured floral lettering so here are my tips if you want to do something similar:

- Be careful with the floral selection, make sure the shape of the flower will lay down fairly flat. Avoid flowers with very triangular bases.

- Buy more than you think you need. I get all of my flowers through Mayesh Wholesale Flower Warehouse .

- Keep in mind the font you want to use when selecting flowers. Bigger petals will limit your options.

- Keep the font choice simple. Script works well because there is more room for errors in comparison to a recognizable font like Times New Roman. 

- Print out the lettering at a size you want and trace onto the background paper you are planning on using. I taped the print outs and the background paper to a window to make tracing easier.

- Layer in greenery, and multiple varieties of flowers for a fuller, more dimensional look.

- Have fun + be patient!