Emily Lamb is a successful student and artist at Virginia Commonwealth University. She has consistently been recognized for her technical precision and creative concepts. 

Who do you draw your artistic inspirations from?

Currently I draw a lot of my artistic inspirations from the other artists I meet. Not just aesthetic inspirations from their work but conceptual ones from the conversations I have with them. My professors and the grad students in my major are the ones I'm closest to. Our school also has quite a few visiting artists lectures that I attend and occasionally get to know the artist further after the lecture. Being exposed to lots of different artists and talking about their ideas beyond their physical work is extremely inspiring and influences my own thinking through adopting some of their beliefs.

Did the way you were raised influence you as an artist?

Having my mom be an artist that had her own studio for most of my childhood influenced me as an artist. Instead of watching cartoons, playing video games or other typical childhood pastimes, I was in my mom's studio playing with paints or making things out of her scrap art supplies. I was raised to be always making something and problem solving which I feel prepared me to be where I am today.

What mediums do you most enjoy working with?

I personally love any medium that involves working with my hands and process. Drawing, painting, printmaking, wood, clay, metal and recently plaster and glass. I've never been very technology savy so photography, graphic design and video have always intimidated me too much to really experiment in it.

What are your current projects?

Currently my projects are all glass based. I'm in a hot shop class which involves glass blowing and different color and pattern application techniques. Glass is fascinating to me because the learning curve to become proficient in the medium is so steep. Glass is by far that most challenging medium I've ever interacted with and even the most simplest of shapes or patterns can involve hours and hours of skill and labor to achieve. For now I take every opportunity to make as a chance to learn and experiment.